Tobago Writers Guild and Tobago Library Services
2019 Monthly Lecture Series

January 2019: Calypso Artform, More than a Metaphor.
Feature Presenter: Dr. Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust)
Venue: Mason Hall.

February 2019: The A and B about the Big C, a Healthy Presentation on Cancer and Lifestyle Choices from a Medical and Wellness Perspective
Feature Presenters: Dr Roxanne Mitchell & Junior Thomas-Alexis
Presented in conjunction with the L’Anse Fourmi Village Council.
Venue: L’Anse Fourmi

March 2019: How de Cocrico Come to Town – Law, Environment and Society in Tobago since 1962.
Feature Presenter: Dr. Rita Pemberton:
Venue: Scarborough Library.
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April 2019: Organizing for National Development, Perspectives from Tobago’s villages.
Feature Presenter: Dr Vanus James
Presented in conjunction with the Charlotteville Village Council.
Venue: Charlotteville Library.
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June 2019: Youth Chill and Chat, Sex Morals, Values, How To Do It Right.
Panelists: Onika Henry, Kleon McPherson, Christal Ottley, Xavier Edwards; Host: Kern Johnson.
Presented in collaboration with the Tobago Youth Council.
Venue: Scarborough Library.

July 2019: Reparations, Self Repair.
Feature Presenter: Khafra Kambon, Emancipation Support Committee of Trinidad & Tobago
Venue: Scarborough Library
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August 2019: Emancipation, None But Ourselves Can Free Our Minds.
Panelists: Heather Gray, Kamau Akili, Opoku Ware, Laureen Burris Phillip; Moderator Deborah Moore Miggins.
Venue: Scarborough Library.
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September 2019: The Steelpan Development, Its Impact on Communities.
Feature Presenter: Beverley Ramsey-Moore
Presented in collaboration with the Black Rock Village Council.
Venue: Black Rock.
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October 2019: “Mully” movie screening.
Presented in collaboration with the Caribbean Travelling Film School.
Venue: Scarborough Library

November 2019: A Caribbean Reparations Update: the Issues of Reparations for Native Genocide and Slavery.
Feature Presenter: Dr. Ralph Gonsalves
Presented by the Tobago Writers Guild Literacy Support Group
Venue: Scarborough Library
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