About TLS

 Tobago Library Services is a department under the purview of the Tobago House of Assembly, Division of Education, Innovation and Energy. It is the premier provider of Library and Information Services in Tobago and is responsible for the management of three (3) public libraries, nine (9) Secondary School Library Media Centres and library services in some primary schools. Tobago Library Services is also responsible for the management and support of the Tobago Archives – the island’s repository of its documentary heritage.

Tobago Library Services provides a wide range of resources and services in various formats to meet the leisure and information needs of every member of the society regardless of, age, gender, race, nationality, language, educational background and physical ability. It supports lifelong learning and offers users the opportunity to gain access to a wide expanse of knowledge which facilitates critical thinking and innovation.

Its public libraries are Scarborough Library, Roxborough Branch Library, and Charlotteville Branch Library.

Tobago Library Services maintains professional links with the National Library and Information System Authority (NALIS) even as it continues to function under the administrative umbrella of the Division of Education, Innovation and Energy of the Tobago House of Assembly. The standard of operations of Tobago Library Services is guided by the International Federation of Library Association (IFLA). As such, it aims to ensure that its services are relevant and meet the needs of the community.

Our Mission

To foster the cultural, social, educational and spiritual development of the people of Tobago, through the provision of innovative library and information services.

Our Vision

The Library Services Department will be the leading information provider in Tobago, creating pathways for the optimum enlightenment of the individual.

Core Values

Service Excellence